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Hi I’m Charlotte,

Like many people I try and fit far too much into my schedule! I run a busy salon with my own personal clientele, along side being creative director of HBH Boutique. Many people say my life is very contrasting! Growing up and going into my twenty’s, I spent a lot of time in the equestrian world. From competing to working abroad. Now in my spare time and as a hobby, I do a bit of breeding and producing of young horses. I also have my home life, that I spend with my boyfriend of several years and a lovely group of friends and family.

As you can imagine, life can be a juggling act! Day to day my look can vary. When being outside it’s nice to have skin products to protect your skin from the elements, as well as perhaps having a bit of a natural look that doesn’t take time. I then have a job where appearance with my hair and makeup is important. I also love to have fun and play around with different looks, especially on a night out or even at work, as that’s one of the perks of my job. The fabulous part of being creative director of HBH Boutique, is being able to try out some fantastic products and passing on my loves and tips to others.